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"My son has special needs, and has been coming to the camp for 6 months. Before coming to the camp, he didn't have any friends, and wasn't able to fit in with his peers. Since learning the behavioral skills at camp, he now has friends, and is able to blend in with his classmates. Camps For Champs has been a wonderful experience for him."
Mrs. S

"My son loves coming to the camp. It is his favorite pastime. In fact, he practices every day. It has made him much more confident doing other things too. Thank you."
Mrs. K

"My daughter is 6 years old, and moderate on the Autism spectrum. I started taking her to camp 6 months ago, and she really enjoys it. Her motor skills are getting much better. More importantly, with the behavioral skills that she has learned at the camp, she now is interacting with her peers at school and making friends. This truly is a blessing. Thank you Camps For Champs."
Mrs. C

"My son is 9 and has been coming to the camp for over a year. I could never get him to be excited about anything, until he started coming to the camp. He is not able to determine what day of the week it is, but he knows that camp is on Monday. He asks me every day if it is Monday yet. Thank You."
Mrs. T

"My daughter 8 years old and moderate on the autistic spectrum. She has been coming to the camp for 2 months. Since coming to the camp, she is interacting and playing with her sister like she never has before. Thank you."
Mrs. M

"My son is in a special needs program in junior high. Last year, he got F's in physical education because he was afraid to participate. Since learning the behavioral skills in camp, he has received B's in physical education. Thank You."
Mrs. K

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