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"My son started Basketball camp with in June 2011 when he was 9 years old. He is "Moderate" on the Autism spectrum and has been homeschooled since Kindergarten due to the challenges he faces in group settings.

The basketball camp was my son's first introduction to any kind of group activity and it has been a wonderful experience for him. The coaches are great with the special kids. They know what it takes to make the kids feel confident so they can try their best overcoming so many challenges they face to accomplish the simple things we all take for granted. When needed, the coaches give extra time and attention to help the kids who need it. They have broken up the drills into small steps that are manageable for the kids to learn while still constantly feeling challenged. By doing this, all the kids have improved their skills with his coaching.

When my son first started the camp, he could not dribble the ball, his timing was off, overall coordination of body was poor and his mind was always on something else! He could barely focus on what he was doing much less pay attention to what others around him were doing. He would run away every few minutes as it took so much energy for him to do the simple task of dribbling the ball. He did not have the ability to stand and bounce the ball to the partner standing a few feet away. He needed 2 volunteers to help him complete the drill. In time, he was able to start dribbling and eventually started walking and dribbling, and dribbling while running zig zag. He has learned many of the basic drills and continues to practice them to get better. What is really impressive though is the improvements in other areas besides obtaining basketball skills. His focus is so much better now that he is able to independently follow the drills without a volunteer doing hand-over-hand practice with him. His overall coordination has improved significantly so he is able to run, jump, skip etc better. He is in much better control of his body so he is able to stand in a line and wait for his turn without running away. The simple task of bouncing the ball to a partner back and forth doubles as a practice in social skills which he enjoys now. More importantly, he is having fun being able to do all this in a group setting. Basketball camp has allowed him to function in a group. Now, he has been able to start and enjoy other group classes.

The coaches and the basketball camp have truly been a gift to my son as well as the special needs community in Fremont - and beyond. Thank you for taking the time to run the camp!"


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