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Camps For Champs is a revolutionary approach to skills building, socialization, and support for children with developmental disabilities like autism, and their parents. Following a few key principles, Camps For Champs will serve as trainer, advocate, cheerleader, and special teams coach in helping you improve your game plan for providing an outstanding developmental experience for your child. We strive to embody the following goals:

1) To develop and teach the social skills necessary for children with Autism and other developmental disorders to participate in social events in a controlled environment.

2) Ensure that the social skills learned generalize to other environments through the use of ABA principals

3) Provide the opportunity for children to become proficient in the talent and skills necessary to engage in play and sports activities that are consistent for their age and skill repertoire.

4) Teach parents how to utilize the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis so that these principals learned through Camps For Champs will generalize to all environments.

5) Assist families that participate in Camps For Champs with the high cost of treatment to engage in programs that will facilitate the effects and principals of Camps For Champs.

6) Establish a working relationship with the local schools to coordinate and facilitate the generalization process from the camps to the natural environment of schools and team sports.

7) Provide the opportunity to children with Autism and other developmental disorders to learn the important aspects of team sports, being part of a team and how to work as a team member. 

8) To provide lectures from health care professionals to the parents on the latest treatment therapies while their child is participating in the camp.

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