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Camps for Champs Guiding Philosophy

To welcome your Champs to the world of sports, and build the skills, teamwork, and triumphs they will carry onto the playing field of life.

Camps For Champs envisions a world where sports are not frustrating barriers for children with autism and other developmental disorders, but a tool that propels them to having more experiences alongside and connected with their peers. Through preparing and helping place these Champs in sports programs in their home communities, we will contribute to the acceptance and integration of children with autism more widely in society. Most kids have some experience with sports. Regardless of athletic ability or the level achieved, sports provide a socializing growth process of competing with and against others on a team, an important developmental experience. Unfortunately, the different developmental process for children with developmental disorders means they often miss out on the chance to experience sports with kids their age. While autistic children routinely encounter obstacles to these opportunities in our schools and cities, Camps For Champs – a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization – sees a world where sports are an entryway, not a barrier.

Discovering the unique ways to develop the sometimes hidden skills of our children is a skill that Camps For Champs wants to share with teachers, coaches, and families. Camps For Champs sees an opportunity to close this gap, both by working with the children at key developmental stages and by "coaching coaches" to give the children a chance to show the world what they can do. Through the experiences encountered with Camps For Champs, the children can carry the life lessons and personal relationships developed throughout sports into all areas of their adult lives. They will contribute to their teams both athletically, and by bringing their unique qualities of joy, sincerity, and heart to their teams. In short, Camps For Champs will work to to realize a win-win opportunity: A world where our society breaks down stereotypes to realize the potential of our children, and our children in turn develop their social skills and learn to apply them in everyday life.

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